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Welcome to Tayman Tutoring

Welcome to Tayman Tutoring. I am a vendor affiliated with Anchorage School District and I teach small group high school classes. My focus is bringing educational topics alive to each student using multiple venues: artifacts, videos, hands on items, in-class exercises, and lectures.  Here you can find information on enrollment (including where, when and how much) and basic information about each class. 

Enjoy your stay on our website, and I hope you find all the information you're looking for!

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Dennis Tayman, Instructor

Dennis W Tayman

Classes offered for 2020-21 school year

Classes taught in southside Anchorage and near downtown.

  • American History

    This 2 semester class covers United States history from pre-colonization to the present. Students will be exposed to history using multimedia resources. Books, movie clips, videos, internet, and hands on memorabilia all combine to bring to life the history of the USA. We will focus on topics such as: Geography, economics, government, religion/philosophy, entertainment, science/technology, and sociology. Student will examine the events, conflicts, celebrations, cultures, and the changing world dynamics that make up the American experiment and what brought it to the world stage.

  • US Government

    This 1 semester class will begin from early foundations of government structures on through more current federal policy decisions. We will be taking a closer look at: Hammarabi’s code, Mosaic Law, Magna Carta, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and all the Amendments. We will briefly discuss the philosophy’s of Locke, Hobbes, and Blackstone. Finally we will be taking a deeper look at the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branch. Students will be exposed to many Government principles using multimedia resources. 15 textbooks available.

  • Geology

    This 2 semester class covers basic Earth Science principles: volcanism, minerals, 3 types of rocks, weathering, earthquakes, fossils, and energy resources. Students will be exposed to geology using many resources. Books, videos, maps, internet, experiments, and hands on samples. Class includes 2 field trips:

  • Military History & Field Trip

    Every 2-3 years I hold a military history class which finishes with a trip to the East Coast to visit the many sites and wonders related to our nations Military History. Next probable class expected to be Spring 2021. If interested please contact us for more info.

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